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The team at Anlon has built 9 Award Winning NW Natural Street of Dreams homes to date. This experience is part of what makes this process go so smoothly for both the client and the builder. We literally know what’s coming around the corner. One of the reasons everything flows together so well is the team that we have worked so hard to put together. This team includes award winning architects, interior designers and some of the best subcontractors and suppliers in the business.

Customer Testimonials

We first met the Anlon team when we had a surprise leak appear in our living room that originated in our upstairs shower. Time was essential for us to… Read more
Eric and Brittany Eide


Anlon Advantages for Custom Built Homes: Kiln Dried Wood

Anlon Advantages for Custom Built Homes: Kiln Dried Wood

Anlon Advantage #1: Kiln dried studs: Reducing the moisture content and less twisting than green lumber. Why does Anlon choose to use kiln dried wood as a standard in all their custom home projects? As a custom home builder, owner Mike Harn knows that people can...

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